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Shopping Is ‘F&Easy’ in New Ads

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. — On the same day its parent company, Tesco, confirmed its decision to sell its U.S. stores and exit the market, Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market here launched a new radio campaign — with some television spots contemplated — stressing the unadulterated nature of the food it sells, while offering a bit of unadulterated language as well.

The spots feature a jingle that reduces the name Fresh & Easy to "F&Easy," which, when sung, sounds like a polite version of a curse word often abbreviated as "effin'." A sample lyric: "It's about time life was F&Easy ... shop for food the F&Easy way."

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"We intended for the campaign to be funny, memorable and bold," Brendan Wonnacott, a Fresh & Easy spokesman, told SN. "While not everyone might appreciate our sense of humor, we hope the message resonates that Fresh & Easy is here to provide customers with an experience that is simple, honest and easy."

The music to the jingle was written by Jeff Marx, a co-writer of Broadway's "Avenue Q," and the lyrics were written by Julian Hornik, who sings the song and appears in the video.

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