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Tuesday's Tweets From #FutureConnect

Here's what people are tweeting about at Future Connect 2013.


Congratulations to Maggie @Roche_Bros, Fernando @UnitedWestTexas, Greg @BILOSuperSaver, and Jun Oshima! #FutureConnect #StoreManagerAward


AWG Corporate @AWGCorporate

Have to think in a customer-centric fashion, instead of store-centric fashion. - Sarasin #FutureConnect


Jerry Rymont @snreader

50% of shoppers go to 2 or more stores on a shopping trip. #FutureConnect


Booz & Company @BoozCompany

RT @MarkHamstra: 35% of store sales loss to online channels will be perishables: Sarasin #FutureConnect


SFA @SnackFoodAssoc

Storytelling represents a powerful tool for #advocacy efforts. In letters, visits, connect goals to personal experiences. #FutureConnect


Jade Simmons @jadesimmons

Fun fact from Laurie Demeritt, ppl r eating w/the left hand bc they're engaged with their phones with their right hand! #FutureConnect


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