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Metro Pilots Fresh Food Donations

MONTREAL — Twelve Metro and Super C stores in the greater Montreal area will pilot a donation program for unused fresh foods, the retailer announced.

Working with the community organization La Tablée des Chefs, the stores will collect items from the bakery, prepared meals and cheeses and meat departments. The products will be frozen in-store on the date they expire.


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Community organizations will collect the donated items twice a week. Each store is expected to contribute about 165 kilos (364 pounds) of food each week.

“Although we always try to minimize food losses in our stores, the very nature of our activities inevitably results in some. That's why we are delighted to work with an organization like La Tablée des Chefs so that the food can be redistributed and eaten by people who need it,” Marie-Claude Bacon, senior director, Corporate Affairs Department for Metro, said in a press release. “We hope that the knowledge gained from the pilot project will enable the project to spread out and reach more stores.”

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