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Superior Grocers hosts 'Set the Table' campaign

Superior Grocers hosts 'Set the Table' campaign

Superior Grocers is partnering with Nestle USA’s El Mejor Nido (The Best Nest) platform on the “Set the Table” campaign for healthier, balanced meals and snacks for Hispanic families.

Through December, 41 Superior Grocers stores in the Los Angeles metro area will be blanketed with bilingual communication focused on creating easy and affordable balanced meals. The campaign includes multi-brand displays, flyers with meal solutions and recipes, freezer clings and in-store radio spots.

As part of the program, 10 Boys & Girls Clubs in L.A. will receive donations totaling $50,000 to aid in their efforts to educate their members on healthy eating habits. Additionally, Nestlé USA and Superior Grocers will sponsor dinner events at select clubs where families will enjoy a healthy meal together, receive cost- and time-effective tips on how to prepare a balanced meal at home, participate in raffles and more.

“As one of the largest grocery store chains in Southern California, we take pride in being involved in the community, whether it’s by supporting organizations like the Boys & Girls Clubs or developing in-store programs that educate our consumers, many of which are multicultural,” said Mimi Song, chairman and CEO of Superior Grocers, in a statement. “We’re thrilled to have worked hand-in-hand with Nestlé USA to develop this program and are excited to see it in place across our stores beginning this month.”

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