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Retailers Must Accept New Technologies, D'Agostino Says

LAS VEGAS — As new technologies change the way supermarkets will do business in the future, a New York-based retailer said here the industry may have no choice but to cater to consumer demand for new systems.

Speaking at a workshop Tuesday during the National Grocers Association convention, Nick D'Agostino 3rd, president and chief executive officer of D'Agostino Supermarkets, Larchmont, N.Y., said, "If a customer wants to use a mobile phone to pay for groceries and I'm not willing to take it, then he will go to someone else who will, and I'll be lonely."

D'Agostino said his company is adjusting to the new world of technology, noting that it already ues Sirculr, a phone app, to distribute fliers. In addition, it's been using networks like Facebook and Twitter for the past couple of years, he said, and it plans to begin using Gojee to make recipes available, and Foursquare later this year.

The company also has a website that enables shoppers to place orders online and pick up their orders at a store, he said, "but you have the change the website every day, or else customers get bored."

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