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Bringing Fresh Ideas to Shelf Stable

Bringing Fresh Ideas to Shelf Stable

Since 1988, traditional grocery stores have lost 53 percent of their market share to other classes of trade, "leaking" shoppers to warehouse clubs, dollar stores



Bringing Fresh Ideas to Shelf Stable

Since 1988, traditional grocery stores have lost 53 percent of their market share to other classes of trade, "leaking" shoppers to warehouse clubs, dollar stores, supercenters and limited assortment stores.1Now more than ever, retailers must be tightly linked as strategic partners to find creative ways to maintain shopper loyalty.

"We work closely with our customers to understand the unique characteristics of their shopper—often blending our insights and analytics with theirs to identify ways to influence purchases across an entire category," said David Booth, senior vice president, Sales. "This has led to some out-of-the-box ideas with the potential to become game changers for our retail partners."

One such example is ConAgra Foods’ Ultra Convenient Meals Aisle, currently in test market with a major national retailer. The aisle concept grew from consumer research documenting trends toward the use of microwaveable meals and the need to make shopping more efficient for moms (who do the majority of the shopping) to give them more time to spend with family or complete important tasks. Retailer, IRI data and shopper research were blended using ConAgra Foods’ proprietary analytical tools to identify cross-purchase affinity among convenient meal items and show the growth potential when like products are co-located in the store.

The result is an assortment of shelf-stable microwaveable meals that can be prepared in five minutes or less; for example, soups, chili, macaroni and cheese, packaged meals such as ConAgra’s new Healthy Choice® Fresh Mixers and related items from other suppliers. The Ultra Convenient Meals Aisle makes it easy for shoppers to find easy-to-prepare meal options in one place instead of searching for them in various categories throughout the center store. The proposed location for the 16-foot aisle is at the front and center of the store next to Soup.

Test market results are currently being tallied, but virtual store testing showed that establishing an Ultra Convenient Meals set next to Soup increased category sales by 5-10 percent. Shopper panel data rated the aisle as Easy to Shop, Well Organized, and Well Showcased.2

"It’s a fairly intuitive concept—the quicker shoppers find what they are looking for, the more they buy." Booth added. "With the average shopper only spending about 23 minutes in a store, it’s important to make their time as productive as possible to keep them coming back for more."

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Insights Snapshot

U.S. consumers spend about 7 seconds per product when choosing what to buy in a supermarket. Consider that:

• Messages about how to juggle work, home, family, personal time dominate the media.
• Consumers increasingly live “jigsaw lives”, with one person having multiple roles.
• Formal meal occasions continue to drop, as grab-and-go activity increases.
• Input overload and the ever-growing proliferation of choice results in a confused, exhausted consumer.

Mintel International Group Limited. Shelf-stable Meals and Meal Kits - US - October 2008

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Cool Customer

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