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Bag Recycling is for Everyone

Bag Recycling is for Everyone

Supermarkets have been quick to embrace the idea of bag recycling. Many stores even award shoppers who pull out reusable cloth or recycled plastic bags a few cents off their bill for making the effort.

shopping_bags.jpgOf course, the more bags that get used again, the fewer the retailer has to order, so they save some bucks. Untold thousands get removed from the solid waste stream and stay out of landfills. It’s a group effort everyone — retailer and consumer alike — can feel good about. “Hands across the aisle” and all that.

So, it’s difficult to tell what Pick ‘n Save was thinking when they tried a new policy that limited the bag rebates to customers using Roundy’s bags only. One store was unfortunate enough to try and pull this on a green living contributor to Check out her story, and what happened, here.

As you can see, this little story has a happy ending. Pick ‘n Save does care about the environment and the common good; and it wasn’t trying to enforce shopper loyalty or limiting its generosity to those who use only Roundy’s bags. The whole thing was just a little misunderstanding, right?

Roundy's just needed a little reminder. Lesson learned.

(Photo courtesy of Redcherryhill, Flickr)