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Fresh Summit 2.0

Next week's SN Fresh Market feature will take a look at some of the ways that supermarket dietitians are using various marketing tools, including Facebook and Twitter, to encourage customers to eat more fruits and vegetables. With Facebook, a simple poll or an open question can give a dietitian instant feedback from shoppers, and a quick post can let a company's fans know what's on special this week in produce, while offering tips and suggestions for preparation.

As Jenna mentioned in her earlier post, This weekend's PMA Fresh Summit show will feature a couple of workshops on using social media. According to a note that PMA sent out to the press this week, the emergence of social media is one of the topics that PMA President and CEO Bryan Silbermann plans to address during his annual state of the industry presentation. Other topics will include the evolution of the produce supply chain, and changing trends that point to increased produce consumption in restaurants. As always, Silbermann's presentation promises to be insightful, prescient and on-point.

And, finally, PMA has said it is planning to unveil a new social media platform tailored to the produce industry this weekend. This conference, of course, is about much more than social media, but it has been interesting to watch how these platforms are not only changing the way that people stay in touch with friends and family, but also how businesses work with their partners and customers.

Check back later today for coverage of this afternoon's workshops, and thanks for reading!