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IBSS 2013: The Fraud Fight Continues

This weekend I head to Beantown for the International Boston Seafood Show. As it was last year, a hot topic of the 2013 show will be seafood substitution, with no less than three seminars devoted to how the industry has handled recent allegations of widespread mislabeling.

One session features Price Chopper Supermarkets, which has instituted a policy of random DNA testing to ensure its seafood is labeled correctly. Another examines how a new seafood traceability program can help prevent fraud. (See “Retailers Fight Seafood Fraud” in SN’s print issue on Monday for more on how supermarkets avoid mislabeling.)

I’m also looking forward to hearing about how retailers like BJ’s Wholesale Club, Wegmans and Delhaize America are involved with sustainable aquaculture initiatives. And of course, trying all the delicious new seafood products that will be sampled on the show floor!

Check back on Total Access this Sunday to Tuesday for the latest news from IBSS.

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