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IDDBA 2013: Ancient Adoption

IDDBA 2013: Ancient Adoption

Like heirloom fruit and vegetables, ancient grains suggest health and legitimacy to some consumers. As SN's Robert Vosburgh recently reported, shoppers are looking to ancient grains — like farro, quinoa, amaranth and spelt — for the nutrition and to round out a gluten-free diet.

I found a few interesting applications of ancient grains and nontraditional ingredients in new products at the IDDBA show in Orlando.

1. Purple Corn









Here Sunsweet incorporates purple corn — a variety associated with early American civilizations — into a distinctive colored bread. Costco will be offering the purple product.

2. Sweet Farro











While I'm seen cold oatmeal desserts at Westside Market NYC, this was the first time I've seen chilled sweetened farro and quinoa. Taylor Farms paired the grains with honey, apples, raisins and greek yogurt for a hardy snack.

3. Dipping Amaranth 

Flax, kale and popcorn are common ingredients in chips, but these chips pull in the uncommon trio of quinioa, amaranth and black sesame. 















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