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Less Fancy at the Fancy Food Show

Less Fancy at the Fancy Food Show

It seems the butterscotch-infused chunk shortbread dunking biscuits have given way to more, er, pedestrian indulgences, if the reports from several sources attending this year’s Fancy Food Show in New York this week are correct.

fancy_food.jpgOne of our very own editors, Julie Gallagher, interviewed a number of retailers on the floor. They seemed to be looking for cheese (and accompaniments like crackers). Cheese is always one of the key categories that move at the show, but this year is seems to be enjoying even more popularity.

This might be because more people are entertaining at home, and, blah-blah-blah…. You’ve heard the recession-related verbiage.

Another of our editors, Carol Angrisani, noted a few common threads running among the winners of the Sofi awards honoring outstanding food innovation. There’s blood orange as an ingredient, salt/chocolate combinations and chip foods — as in roasted coconut chips. They can be healthy and indulgent, which is something I like to see.

The NY Daily News visited the show and noted a focus on portion control (smaller sizes, anyway) and less-haughty foods. It’s worth mentioning if only for the headline: “The fancy food fest is more like skid roe this year.” The pun refers to the level of interest being shown in caviar from less-expensive sources, like the hackleback, a relative of the sturgeon.

Nevertheless, the show is packed, as usual. It’s a fun show and there are plenty of products that ingeniously blend gourmet and wellness (olive oil is just the start). And if the gourmet factor is being downplayed this year, so be it. If anything that means it might have a better chance of showing up in conventional, everyday supermarkets.

(Photo credit: craigemorsels)