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PLMA 2013: Charitable Contributions

I couldn’t help but notice the big display of Topco Associate’s Full Circle organic tea at Harris Tea Co. booth.

The word “FEED” emblazoned in block lettering on product packaging really stands out and catches the eye.

What struck me was not the more traditional flavors like English Breakfast and Green Tea, but a new line of functional teas: “energy”, “calming,” “detox” and “digestive health” included.

Rolling out now to Topco member stores, these teas join a growing number of products produced in a partnership between the Elk Grove, Ill., private-label cooperative and Project 7’s Feed the Hungry Initiative.

The line hit retail shelves in the spring with an initial 26 items, including natural granola, cereal bars with organic ingredients and organic coffee.

Each product provides a guaranteed give to help fight hunger in local communities. Every time a Project 7 product is purchased, a contribution to one of several charitable organizations, including Feed the Hungry, Heal the Sick, Hope for Peace and House the Homeless.

Full Circle + Project 7 packaging underscores this with statements like “Two boxes of tea provide one meal in America.”

This new line gives retailers a differentiated way to participate in cause marketing and cater to consumers who value companies that give back.

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