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Showcase Highlights New Back-to-School Products

Showcase Highlights New Back-to-School Products

The Editor’s Showcase that’s held in midtown Manhattan is scheduled for mid-summer for a reason: It often provides the trade with previews of products that are going onto store shelves in time for back-to-school and the holidays.

There were plenty of healthful options among the 40 tabletop exhibitors, which ranged from national brands like Pillsbury to start-ups like Skeeter Snacks, a new manufacturer of nut-free foods.

Here are some of the more interesting products just out or coming out that we thought were different enough to mention:

New yogurts from Alpina Foods promises to shake up the dairy case with some interesting mix-ins. Restart is a five-flavor line that includes a cup of Udi’s Gluten Free granola, while the Revive line of four ultra-high-protein (15 grams per cup) Greek yogurt with custom-designed granolas in four blends: antioxidant, superfoods, tropical and Chai spices.

Ben & Jerry’s is also getting in on the Greek yogurt craze, but targeting the frozen novelty category. The ice cream maker has introduced a line of six SKUs that feature the company’s typical quirky flavor profiles. A popular choice at the show was Blueberry Vanilla Graham, a mix of vanilla and blueberry frozen Greek yogurt with graham cracker crumbles. Each 8-ounce serving is 200 calories — a big improvement for any ice cream lover watching their weight.

General Mills-owned Fiber One is debuting several products, including a lunch pack-friendly Chewy Bars for kids. Two flavors — chocolate and strawberry PB&J — contain no more than 8 grams of sugar and are 110 calories or less, and include calcium and five grams of fiber.

For more adult tastes, the company's Pillsbury division is rolling out Baguette Chips in two flavors, Italian Cheese & Herb, and Cheddar Sun-Dried Tomato. Each serving of 21 chips totals 120 calories.

A pair of dads is behind Skeeter Snacks, a new company devoted to making nut-free kids treats that are also affordable. The initial products are a line of cookies, including Chocolate Chunk, Golden Oatmeal and a snickerdoodle-inspired Skeeter Doodle. The individually wrapped Skeeters are sold by the dozen—in a 6-pack box with two cookies per pack—for $3.99.

Kids and parents alike will find benefits in a new line of performance-based candy. Snap Infusion’s Supercandy line includes B vitamins to boost energy, antioxidants for immune support and electrolytes for hydration. The nutrients are infused in a number of traditional candy bases, such as caramel, tarts and gummies.

This post wouldn’t be complete without dessert, so how about something that scores high in both creativity and health? Sheila G’s Brownie Brittle is essentially the baked tops of brownies. The three flavors (Traditional Walnut is the newest) are 120 calories and 3 grams of fat per serving. It’s a big chocolate taste without so much guilt.

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