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SN Poll Results: Embracing Specialty Cheese

SN Poll Results: Embracing Specialty Cheese

Consumers likely don’t have to try very hard to find specialty cheeses at their local supermarket, according an SN poll with 33 respondents. The majority, 61%, said they have a specialty cheese department and 12% said they offer some specialty cheeses. One respondent noted that a new specialty cheese department was in the works.  Only a quarter of respondents reported that specialty cheese isn’t something they offer.

These results aren’t surprising considering the popularity of high quality cheeses. Martin’s, for instance, is partnering with Di Bruno Bros., a local cheese shop, to bring more variety to a Central Pennsylvania store. (Read 'Giant Partners With Di Bruno Bros. Cheese Shop.')

Independents, in particular, have been putting an emphasis on specialty cheese. SN’s Roseanne Harper reported on how these small chains differentiate themselves with specialty cheese. (Read 'Independents Say Cheese.')

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