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SN Poll Results: Retailers Uncertain on Health Care Impact

SN Poll Results: Retailers Uncertain on Health Care Impact

About a third of respondents to a poll on SN’s website last week said they still have “more questions than answers” about the potential impact of health care reform on their businesses.

The first few rules about implementation of the Affordable Care Act have been issued by the three government entities overseeing its implementation — the Treasury Department, the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Health and Human Services — and more rules are expected to follow.

“It is incredibly complicated,” Jennifer Hatcher, senior vice president of government and public affairs, Food Marketing Institute, told SN in a recent report on the legislative and regulatory outlook for 2013. “That’s the challenge for some of our members — the level of detail in this, and working to get it right.”

Still, 39% of respondents said they expect that taking steps to comply with the law will only have at most a “minimal impact” on their businesses in 2013, while 28% said they expect a “significant impact.”

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