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Win Points with Samples

Win Points with Samples

There’s a reason we run a photo blog for our sampling tours: smiling people.

mambo_tour.jpgRetailers win big points when they set up sampling stations or host a coordinated sampling event. Consumers like feeling like they got something extra out of their shopping experience.

Here at Mambo Sprouts, we’re seeing a surge in retailer interest right now. Retailers view this turnaround period of renewed consumer confidence as an opportune time to promote new product sales. Retailers including Market of Choice, Natural Grocers and Sprouts Farmers Markets have joined Go Mambo! tour mainstay Whole Foods Markets on the sampling route for this year’s tour stops and combined will be giving away over 100,000 samples from leading manufacturers this year alone.

Sampling is a great way to capture consumer interest now that shoppers have a little more discretionary cash again. We’re moving past the days of “whatever’s on sale” and back to “whatever looks, tastes or feels good.”

Sampling events trigger new purchases. But more than that, they boost customer affinity for the retail location and drive traffic to your store. Whether you get a reputation for hosting regular sampling days or you promote a one-time coordinated event, samples bring in business.

But remember, your sampling team should be well-educated about the brands and the offers on display. Plus, they should be salespeople — outgoing individuals comfortable with making suggestions and sharing information.

Done wrong, your sampling team is just handing out freebies. Done well, they’re engaging customers and driving sales.