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Kraft Renames Global Snack Business 'Mondelez'

NORTHFIELD, Ill. — Kraft Foods will change its corporate name to Mondelez International, Inc. when it divides to create two public companies later this year.

The North American grocery business will retain the Kraft name as the Kraft Foods Group, Inc., while the global snacks business will be named for a newly coined word pronounced mohn-dah-LEEZ, that evokes the idea of “delicious world.”

Last fall, Kraft employees suggested names for the new global snack company. Mondelez International was inspired by two separate suggestions. “It’s quite a job for a single word to capture everything we want the new global snacks company to stand for,” said Mary Beth West, executive vice president and chief marketing officer for Kraft, in a statement. “I’m thrilled with the name Mondelez International. It’s interesting, unique and captures a big idea.”

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