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Fresh Summit 2012: Over the Top Displays [Photos, Video]

Fresh Summit 2012: Over the Top Displays [Photos, Video]

The booths at Fresh Summit can be pretty wild. I spotted not one, not two, but three food trucks this year. I can’t be certain there weren’t more.  

Here are some of the most intricate and unique booths I saw at this year’s show.

1. A race track using cars with Idaho potatoes strapped on top. See below:

2. A mariachi band in the Mexico section of the floor.








3. An actual rotating and functioning fountain display at Dole. 







4. A chocolate fountain.









5. A gourmet style mini veggie sandwich and Brussels sprouts at Ocean Mist.









6. A magician at the Stemilt booth. He stole my watch in his act. (And gave it back again.)








Go to the Fresh Summit landing page for more blog posts, galleries and news.

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