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PLMA 2012: Women Get Wise About Store Brands

I always give a quick run-through of the program guide prior to walking a show floor. Some of the ads that appear in these guides often turn into a news story. That’s exactly what happened yesterday as I started flipping through PLMA’s near 400-page show book.

I fanned through about 25% of the book when a full-page ad for “Wise” caught my attention. “Be Wise Today!” the ad stated.

Wise, or Women Impacting Storebrand Excellence, launched at the PLMA show to foster “diverse collaboration and provide leadership that drives the continued success of the store brands industry.”

Peggy Davies, vice president of vegetable business and industrial sales for McCain Foods USA, chairs Wise’s strategic planning committee.

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Other board members include Laura Sturdevant, director for product development for private brands at Walgreens; and Jennifer Rees, account manager of new business development at Inter-American Products, Kroger’s private-label division.

A Wise kick-off meeting was held here yesterday in conjunction with the PLMA Show.

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Wise has its own booth at the show (#55). I plan to stop by to talk to some of these proactive ladies about what their plans are for the upcoming year. For more information, see

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