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Spartan Puts Nutrition Icons on Packages

Spartan Stores' Spartan-brand packaging now features front-of-package nutrition icons.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Spartan Stores' Spartan-brand packaging now features front-of-package nutrition icons. The new labels support the voluntary Facts Up Front nutrition labeling system designed by the Food Marketing Institute and the Grocery Manufacturing Association.

"We believe our customers will appreciate the Facts Up Front labeling as they can help them quickly make healthier decisions on food and beverage choices," Alan Hartline, Spartan Stores executive vice president merchandising and marketing, said in a statement.

Spartan Stores has voluntarily placed the Facts Up Front nutrition icons on the front of products to highlight calories, saturated fat, sodium and sugar per serving, the daily value percentages for saturated fat and sodium, plus up to two icons showing "nutrients to be encouraged," such as fiber, protein, calcium and vitamins.

Spartan says it's one of the first retailers in the nation to place the icons on its private labels.

Spartan Stores was in the process of redesigning more than 2,000 Spartan brand labels in January 2011 when the GMA and FMI Boards unanimously endorsed the Facts Up Front (formerly known as Nutrition Keys) initiative. A $50 million dollar Facts Up Front consumer education campaign will launch in early 2012, when consumers will see the new icons on a majority of products in the marketplace.

In anticipation, GMA and FMI also launched a new Facts Up Front web site. The labels will appear on 2,000 products sold at D&W Fresh Market, Family Fare, Glen's, VG's, and 375 independent Spartan Stores' customers. Facts Up Front already appear on Spartan frozen chicken and baked beans, and will soon appear on canned fruit and all of Spartan's Fresh Selections products.